Privacy Fencing: What You Should Know

Adding a privacy fence to your Evansville Indiana property increases its value and provides you with added security. At first glance, installing a fence is a project that can be a bit of an intimidating investment in both time and money, and both are determined by whether you are hiring a contractor or taking the […]

7 Ideas For a Beautiful Vinyl Fence For Your Yard

Style-conscious Evansville homeowners know that curb appeal begins with the right fence. More and more, homeowners are turning toward vinyl fences to provide beauty, privacy and security to their home. Vinyl fences are less expensive, require less maintenance and last longer than just about any other fence building material.  Better still, they can also be […]

Do-It-Yourself Vinyl Fence Installation Tips

If you are thinking about installing a vinyl pool fence, vinyl fences are a great option. There are so many unique benefits to using vinyl fences for your pool. There are a few reasons that make them stand out from other types of pool fences on the market. If you are interested in doing a […]

The Most Popular Dog Fences

Installing a fence is a common choice for dog owners to ensure the safety and security of their beloved pet. Some of the most popular types of fencing are wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain-link. There are certain positives and negatives for each type of fencing for you to take into consideration. The following are the […]

Is a Wood Fence Right For Your Yard?

If you’re ready to install a new fence on your property, you’re probably wondering which material is best. While there are many options available, most homeowners choose wood. At Mr. Fence, we want to help our Evansville, Indiana clients make the right choice for their needs. So, with that in mind, we’re going to go […]

Keeping Your Pool Fence Up to Code

For many homeowners, having a pool is the ultimate luxury, particularly when the weather gets nice. However, just because you can relax and have fun in the sun, it doesn’t mean your pool isn’t a potential hazard. Households with little children have to take extra precautions to ensure that the kids are safe at all […]

Picket Fences in Indiana

For years, we have been installing personalized picket fences in Indiana, including Evansville and the surrounding areas. There are a few different types of materials that you can use for your picket fence, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum. There are different pros and cons of each of these materials.   Benefits of Vinyl Picket Fences in […]

Is Aluminum Fencing Right For You?

Choosing the right fence for your Evansville home can be daunting. Fences come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, styles, and colors which can make choosing the right fence for your home difficult. With that, we have harsh winters here in Indiana, which means you need a fence and fencing materials that can stand […]

Choose Mr. Fence For Your Vinyl Fence Installation

The helpful and knowledgeable staff here at Mr. Fence can help you find the perfect vinyl fence.  At Mr. Fence, we serve homeowners and business owners throughout Indiana and parts of Kentucky with fencing services. We install and repair fences, and we also sell fencing materials so you can install your own fence. We are […]

How to Keep Your Fence in Pristine Shape for Spring in Indiana

Although winters can be a lot of fun in Indiana, they can also be damaging for fences. Once the weather starts to improve, take the time to inspect and clean your fence for optimum performance. At Mr. Fence, we understand all fencing types and what it takes to keep them in pristine condition.  So, with […]

Out With the Old, In With the New Aluminum Fences in Beautiful Styles

Aluminum fencing styles have come a long way in the past decade. The options are better than ever! It’s a great time to replace that old fence. Beautify your space with a new aluminum fence to compliment your house or business property! Explore the Variety of Aluminum Fencing Options When is the last time you […]

Eco-Friendly and Strong, Aluminum Fences are Best Choice for Indiana Residents

Compared to other materials, aluminum fencing is a better way to add protection to your Indiana  property. Read on to see why aluminum fences are better for a clean and healthy environment! Compared to other materials, aluminum fencing is a better way to add protection to your Indiana  property. Read on to see why aluminum […]

Quality Aluminum Fences Are Made to Last a Lifetime, So Choose Wisely

Buying a fence is a big decision! Before you install an aluminum fence, figure out what your style and purpose is. These fences are built to last and can provide safety, security, privacy for years to come. Nothing is More Reliable Than a Well Made Aluminum Fence If your priority is strength and longevity, a […]

Vinyl Fence is a Great Choice: Maintenance-Free and Affordable

Residents and business owners throughout Indiana have found, when installing a fence around your home or place of business, vinyl fencing is one of the easiest choices to make. Add security, privacy, and curb appeal to your property all at once! Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and it is every bit as durable as […]

Vinyl Fencing Will Keep Your Family Safe and Sound

There’s no easier way to give yourself peace of mind than installing vinyl fencing around your home. It’s one of the strongest, most affordable materials to keep your family safe. Vinyl fences are the most popular choice for homeowners and families in Evansville, Indiana! Vinyl Fences are Fire Resistant and Non Toxic Vinyl fencing is […]

Attractive Vinyl Fencing Styles to Accentuate Your Property

Your new vinyl fencing project is not just about safety, security, and privacy. You deserve a beautiful fence that really compliments your yard. Beautify your space with just the right style of vinyl fencing! Vinyl Fencing is Beautiful, Strong, and It Lasts Forever If you’re looking to install an attractive, low maintenance fence, you should […]