Imagine hiring an Evansville, Indiana fence company that actually leads the whole fence industry with innovative improvements to fence installation!  Well, we can confidently say that you won’t be disappointed with the amazing team at Mr. Fence who is dedicated to providing the absolute best methods and materials for our clients’ fencing needs.

We hear all the time that customers love the look of a wood fence but are concerned about its longevity and lifespan. The team at Mr.Fence has come up with a solution: the King Plus method! Continue reading to learn more about our King Plus wood fences! 

Key Components of a King Plus Wood Fence at our Evansville, Indiana Fence Company

Galvanized Steel Posts

In the past, wood fences have been constructed using 4×4” wood posts set in concrete. In 10-20 years, these posts showed signs of rotting, especially at the ground level, and the fence needed to be replaced to remain strong. 

With the King Plus method, the days of rotting wood posts are in the past! We use round galvanized steel posts to create the framework of a strong, long-lasting Indiana protection fence. When driven into the ground, these metal posts are several times stronger than wood posts and are treated to prevent rusting, corrosion, and breakdown. Metal posts are much better suited to the Indiana climate and create a strong Indiana protection fence. 

Additional Rail 

Wood fences created with the King Plus method have an additional wood rail married to the top rail for additional strength and support. Wood fence pickets are known to bend and warp with natural wear, creating an uneven-looking top edge for your fence. 

Adding an additional rail reduces the space between the top rail and the top of the pickets, preventing the pickets from shifting. Our additional rail makes King Plus wood fences in Evansville, Indiana stronger and more attractive! 

Wood Post Boxes

Metal posts were not a popular option for creating wood fences for many years because customers wanted the beautiful, natural look of a traditional wood fence. With the King Plus method, we’ve solved this issue! All of our metal posts are surrounded by wood pickets to create a box that closely resembles traditional 4×4” wood fence posts. 

Unless you look very closely, your King Plus wood fence will have the same natural charm that you know and love. Just like the rest of the fence, the wood boards forming the box around the post can be stained or painted to match the rest of your fence over the course of its lifetime to extend the fence’s longevity. 

Benefits of a King Plus Wood Fence in Indiana

Longer Lifespan 

Wood is a natural material, and while it makes a beautiful fence, it is prone to rotting and weathering in the elements. Specifically, wood fence posts are consistently exposed to moisture from grass and damage from lawn equipment around the ground level. Eventually, this wear and tear causes the posts to rot and need to be removed from the ground. 

With metal posts, you don’t need to have any concerns about rotting. Our metal posts are galvanized to resist rusting and corrosion. The boards forming a box around the fence post can be replaced more easily than wood fence posts set into the ground with concrete if they begin to rot. To prevent rotting, we use pre-stained wood fence materials. 

Driving the posts into the ground is the process of forcing the posts into the soil without digging a hole. The soil compacts tightly around the post, creating a fence that’s several times stronger than fence posts set in concrete. We drive all of our posts 4’ into the ground instead of the standard 2.5’ for wood posts set in concrete, creating a stronger fence.

Easy Replacement and Repairs 

With a King Plus wood fence, if you notice any weathering or rotting or you want a fresh, new wood fence, it’s much easier to replace. We drive our metal posts into the ground, creating a very long-lasting fence post. All of the wood can be removed and discarded, leaving the strong metal posts, and another wood fence can be built using the same metal posts! 

As we previously mentioned, many wood fences fail because the posts rot. When a post begins to rot, the post and its concrete setting need to be dug out of the ground before being replaced with a new post. This is a time-consuming process and can be quite costly. With the King Plus method, you don’t have to worry about unearthing fence posts. 

Indiana Protection Fences are Better with Mr. Fence’s King Plus Method!

Our King Plus method creates strong, beautiful, and long-lasting wood fences. Don’t believe us? Check out our Pinterest profile to see some of our completed King Plus wood fences and imagine how they would look around your own home. 

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