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Will a quality fence such as an ActiveYards® system cost more?

There are many different factors to consider when reviewing “cost” of a low-maintenance fence. There are “retail DIY” products, and there are professional grade products. There is a significant difference, not necessarily in quality, but in construction and design. A reminder: the cost for installation is usually the same whether a fence panel costs $30 or $200, so take your time to select the best value. (In some cases, installers need to charge more to install the cheaper fences). With the ActiveYards Series Selection, you are sure to find the balance between cost and value.

Do I buy directly from ActiveYards?

No. ActiveYards uses an integrated distribution system of exclusive Authorized Dealers who represent ActiveYards in a specific market for all aspects of service: showcasing, estimating, delivery, installation and warranty of our products. MR. FENCE is the only Authorized ActiveYards Dealer in the tri-state area.

How can I shop for MR. FENCE and ActiveYards fence products and services?

Visit the MR. FENCE showroom on Burkhart Road in Evansville, IN, arrange for a free estimate in your home by calling 812-425-3550, or talk to one of our consultants about your project for an estimate on the spot.

Where are ActiveYards products made?

Primarily in Bulls Gap, TN, and Pendergrass, GA; however, some Authorized ActiveYards Dealers will fabricate specific jobs to order from our raw materials and to our specifications.

Are ActiveYards products available at a big box home improvement store?

No. ActiveYards systems are only available from Authorized Dealers. However, in some areas, ActiveYards Dealers represent the Home Depot as a service provider for their Sell, Furnish and Install fencing programs, in which case our products are available to you.

Why do you offer a good-better-best option?

Because the greatest cost differentiators are in the basic product engineering, which can be modified without compromising the quality and performance. This way you have several choices to get the style you want and don’t have to settle for something that will rot or rust.

Can I really install an ActiveYards system myself?

Absolutely, but we recommend that you consider the amount of work and skill that is required to install a fence system alone. Digging conditions vary and could make or break the experience. Some styles require very small holes, yet others need to be larger. The assembly process is not complicated and in most cases is very logical. However, this process is easier if you have a helping hand or two.

What should I ask for before I invest in a fence?

What is the warranty? Who is, and how long has the manufacturer been in business? What is their track record? Is it made in the US?

What is the fencing made of?

Some ActiveYards styles are made from co-extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC); the balance are made from extruded aluminum with a powder coated finish.

Do you have to put all the posts in concrete?

Yes; however, in some cases, it is the contractor’s choice in regard to the specific conditions of the job. MR. FENCE uses a special hole and packing procedure that we have developed during our 19 years of installing fences. This procedure reduces the likelihood of frost heave caused by the freezing and thawing of the ground during seasonal changes.

Does ActiveYards have a transferable warranty?

Yes, a lifetime warranty can be reviewed on our warranty page or at www.activeyards.com. Keep in mind that warranties are only as good as the company. ActiveYards is backed by a stable, long-term organization with an excellent customer service track record.

Can I clean my ActiveYards fence?

Yes, with soap and water. It is recommended that you wash white fences at least every 24 months for maximum beauty.

My property isn't flat. Will your fencing leave big gaps under each panel?

No. All MR. FENCE and ActiveYards systems are designed to follow the grade.

Can I put a gate operator on my ActiveYards Fence?

Yes. All ActiveYard styles and some chain link and wood styles can support a remote gate operator, with slight modification in some cases.

How much will an ActiveYards fence actually increase my property worth?

Like most outdoor improvements, a fence doesn’t add value to the home; however, it will add to the curb appeal and, ultimately, the salability. On the other hand, a lower-quality, weathered or poorly installed fence may detract from the value of the home.

Will your fencing meet local pool codes?

Most of our Pool styles will meet local codes; however, there are some exceptions. Keep in mind that nearly all the Privacy styles meet the standards as well.

Can I install ActiveYards Systems on decks and patios or attach to columns?

Yes. However, there are additional parts and procedures. We suggest you consult with a MR. FENCE consultant for assistance by calling 812-425-3550.

Will MR. FENCE and ActiveYards Systems follow a curve?

Yes, all styles will curve to some extent by “aiming” the panel towards the intended direction. You will need to be the judge of how far it will stretch without compromising the look.


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