As Indiana property owners enter the 18th+ month of Covid, the prospect of purchasing a new fence for your property may require a few minor “adjustments”.  While the fencing industry certainly hasn’t been impacted nearly to the level of some other industries, we have had our issues as well.  These “issues” may impact the pricing and availability of certain fencing products that you may wish to purchase.

In this article, we will help you to navigate the “interesting world of Indiana, Fencing, and Covid.

The Best Types of Fencing For Indiana Residents During Covid

Of the 4 major types of fencing that most Indiana property owners choose most often, Aluminum Fences , Chain Link Fences , Vinyl Fences, and Wood Fences – your best bet is probably a custom wood fence.  This is good news because wood fences also happen to be the most popular types of fences across our hometown of Evansville, and throughout Indiana as a whole

Why is wood your best bet?  

The other types of fencing materials have all had complications and slowdowns in their production and in the supply chain.  This means availability can be limited and prices on these fences may be higher than normal.  While wood prices did spike previously, the price of wood fences does appear to be returning to “normal”.

The Availability of Certain Fence Styles During Covid

If you do choose either an aluminum or vinyl fence, you will want to try to stick with common and popular styles.  Some manufacturers of vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing have actually completely stopped manufacturing some of their more decorative styles, which don’t sell as well as their standard “go-to” fence styles.

We expect that these fencing options will be available again in coming months, but for now, you can’t get some of these specialty designs.  This isn’t just an Indiana problem, this is true across the country.  

The good news is that the most popular styles of vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing are still available with only minor delays (at most) for Mr Fence customers!  Our status as the leading fence company in Indiana means that we always get favorable treatment from the manufacturers.  So if you have any chance of getting the fence of your dreams in a reasonable timeframe, I am really happy to tell you that your best bet is with us!

For Vinyl Fences, Think White

White is the most popular color of vinyl fencing.  Whatever manufacturing of vinyl fence is currently happening, you can bet the vast majority of it is white.  If you simply must have another color like tan or brown, we strongly suggest you consider switching to wood.  There are no guarantees at this time how long it will take to get special order / special colors in.

For Aluminum Fences, Think Black

The vast majority of aluminum fences are black.  In fact, many homeowners and business owners are often surprised to learn that aluminum fencing even comes in other colors.  Well, in non-Covid times it does.  There are a variety of colors like white, pewter, and matte black just to name a few.  Again, these are not viable options for most Indiana fence projects right now.  Your best bet, if you want an aluminum fence in a reasonable time, is to choose black.

Mr Fence Can Help Where No One Else Can

As stated above, because Mr Fence is Indiana’s largest and highest-rated fence company, we have “clout”.  We can contact our manufacturers and suppliers to get fencing that you definitely cannot get anywhere else right now.  If special order fencing is non-negotiable, Mr Fence is definitely your best bet.

Are Your Ready to Talk to Mr. Fence?

If you need a fence, or a deck, a dock, or a pergola in the state of Indiana (or anywhere in the tri-state area), Mr. Fence is here for you!  Give us a call at: (812) 425-3550 or contact us online.