Chain link fencing is a flexible option that has shown to be effective for many properties in the Evansville, IN area. To cover some of the basic info, in this article, we will explore what you need to know as you consider chain link fencing for your Evansville, IN home or business.

Myth: Chain Link Fence is Ugly

What do you think of when you read “chain link”? If you’re like many people, you picture an old twisted, rusty chain link fence that stands out like a sore thumb. That’s not the case for chain link fences on properties in Evansville! Thankfully, chain link fences have come a long way from their original look and quality. You may be surprised to learn that there are color options as well as privacy options to expand on the classic galvanized steel look of tough chain link fencing. As time has gone on, improvements have been made to the materials and now more than ever, a chain link fence is a great option for both residential and commercial properties.

Can a Chain Link Fence Work for Privacy?

Privacy Chain Link Fence in Evansville, IndianaYou can add a great deal of privacy to your residential or business fence by installing colored privacy slats between the mesh of your chain link fence. It is possibly the most adaptable fence solution out there! Privacy slats can be used in many applications for Evansville area properties, from backyards and pool areas to farm or commercial yards. 

Chain Link Fences for Security

Security Chain Link Fence in Evansville, IndianaSecurity is an important reason to use chain link fencing. While chain link fence in Evansville, Indiana can be easy to climb in some cases, there are other security features you can use in a variety of situations that will give you the top-notch worry-free product you need. When installed properly, chain link fences are incredibly strong, are low maintenance, and will last a long time by keeping your property protected. If security is a major motivator for you when choosing your next fence, let us show you some of the awesome security options available to properties in Evansville, IN.

Popular Chain Link Fences in Evansville, Indiana

Some of the most popular choices in Indiana for customizing your chain link fence to match your needs are shown below. Please keep in mind that while there are always choices, some colors and styles are not always available. 

Galvanized Chain Link Fence in Evansville, IndianaGalvanized Chain Link Fence
Typically found in Evansville, IN, galvanized chain link fencing is what most people think of when they think of “traditional” chain link commonly seen around town. Rust-resistant, low maintenance, and the cheapest of the chain link fence options, this style is an excellent choice for a variety of applications for homes and businesses in the Evansville area. 

PVC Coated Fence in Evansville, IndianaPVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fence
Whether you buy PVC-coated or Polymer coated chain link, the results are very similar. Either way, the steel is coated with a rubberized covering usually in various color options that protects and enhances the fence’s appearance. Typically for Evansville, Indiana and the surrounding areas, the most common colors you can choose are black or green and sometimes brown.

Privacy Chain Link Fence in Evansville, IndianaPrivacy Slat Chain Link Fences
The way to get a privacy slat chain link is to have a regular chain link fence installed in the color you prefer and then have your installer add privacy slats through each mesh row. This creates privacy and more security to your strong chain link fence. While costing an additional fee for the product and also nearly double the labor, privacy slats may still be a cheaper option than other types of privacy fencing.
In addition, a slatted chain link fence is a more visually appealing look for most Indiana property owners. The ability to choose this option creates a whole new dimension to the versatility of traditional chain link fences.  

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