The importance of a sturdy, solid vinyl fence is key when it comes to providing some privacy and seclusion for you, and equally as vital if you want to protect your furry best friend from harm. Choosing to install a vinyl dog fence, will provide the strength and durability you’ll need to ensure your beloved pet stays safely within your boundaries. 

Indiana Vinyl Fences Provide Privacy, Safety, and Much More!

There is a good reason that most shelters and rescue organizations require that you have fencing in place before adopting an animal. It is one of the single most important ways you can protect your pet. But while you’re protecting your favorite fluffy pal, you’ll be rewarded with many more benefits from your Indiana vinyl fence:


A vinyl privacy fence is one of the most durable and low-maintenance types of fencing you can choose. It provides a barrier between you and the business of the day so you can enjoy time with your family in your private space without interruption from the outside world. You’ll also be able to enjoy a family barbeque in the backyard without your neighbor coming over to steal the last burger that you were saving for the dog.


Whether you’re playing catch with your kids, or your dog, you won’t have to worry about either of them chasing after a stray ball into an unsafe area, like the street. A vinyl fence will provide the perfect backdrop for your overthrows.


You may not have a dog park nearby, or don’t always have time to take your pets on doggie play dates or lengthy walks, so a vinyl fence in the yard will help. Having a vinyl fence provides an ideal situation for dog owners because it will allow you to let your furry friend go outdoors safely on their own to get some exercise and fresh air. The same applies to your kids…you can have peace of mind letting them play outside knowing they’ll be safe by staying on your property.

Noise Reduction

Not only will your vinyl privacy fence dampen any noise coming from beyond your property, but it will also keep your pup from noticing the mailman passing by so he’ll be less likely to bark and disturb the neighborhood.


Your family and your pets deserve a safe place to play and enjoy the outdoors. An Indiana vinyl fence can protect them by keeping unwanted wildlife from wandering into your yard and potentially biting them or spreading disease. It can also prevent a thief from snatching your pooch from the yard or a stranger from trespassing onto your property.

Additional Options for a Privacy Fence in Indiana

It’s true that an Indiana vinyl fence will provide you some privacy and as well as many other advantages, but there are additional options that you might want to consider that can also provide some of the same benefits for you and your pet. Consider how you use your yard, the size of your yard, and your budget. Remember to consider your pet too. Small breeds are unlikely to jump a fence that is four feet or more tall but athletic, medium to large-sized dogs and cats can easily jump four feet and are better off with a fence that is six feet or taller.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from several different styles of vinyl fencing as well as other materials Here’s a look at some of the types of privacy fencing that Mr. Fence of Indiana can provide. 

Vinyl Privacy Fencing Options

Vinyl fencing is available in several different colors including white, tan, and even black. An Indiana vinyl fence is not easily damaged by pets or children and can mimic the look of wood. And the sky’s the limit with the variety of styles available – from a simple, clean flat top, to other more embellished styles. With color that is solid throughout, you’ll never have to worry about sealing or painting your vinyl fence and it will last for decades to come. 

Wood Privacy Fences

Wood fencing will provide privacy and also create a strong barrier for a dog fence. The natural look of wood complements many homes and has been a favorite fence material for centuries. However, wood requires a significant amount of maintenance and you can expect to have to seal or paint your fence periodically to keep it looking good and to protect it from the elements. Wood will not last as long as a vinyl privacy fence but is a bit more budget-friendly if that is one of your main concerns. 

Privacy With Chain Link Fence

While you may not think a traditional chain link fence will provide privacy, there are customizable privacy slats that are slid into the mesh of the fence that can obstruct the view of your property. These specialized slats are available in several colors so you can customize the look of your chain link privacy fence to suit your environment. Chain link is also one of the more budget-friendly options and can meet your needs as a dog fence and a privacy fence in your backyard.

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