Getting the perfect amount of privacy from your property fence is an important decision! Privacy fences in Indiana can be made from a variety of materials from vinyl to wood to chain link and even include a hybrid of aluminum with vinyl, all of which are available from Mr. Fence. There are benefits and drawbacks to each style, so finding the right option for you is dependent on your unique style and preference.

1. Vinyl Privacy Fences

One of our favorite materials for privacy fencing is vinyl. Indiana privacy fence can be made with vinyl in a variety of styles that will enhance your property and your home or business. The beauty of vinyl privacy fencing is its ability to look brand new for many, many years. This is mostly due to the color being solid throughout the material, so it can’t wear off. Vinyl is not easily damaged by pets or children and can mimic the look of wood or be installed with a simple, clean flat top or other more embellished styles. While the pricing of vinyl fencing is higher than some other materials, it can last longer and take less maintenance than others as well.

2. Specialized Black Vinyl Fences

Vinyl privacy fences have historically been less commonly available in the color black due to the difficulty dark-colored vinyl fences had in warping or becoming distorted over time, especially in high heat and harsh weather. Now, with the proprietary blends designed and researched by the company at Blackline HHP, black privacy vinyl fences are a wonderful option! When you choose to have a black vinyl fence installed by Mr. Fence, your property will not only have a long-lasting, low-maintenance vinyl privacy fence, but you will have a fence that is distinctive and attractive in your Indiana neighborhood or at your business space.

3. Wood Privacy Fence

For the best in customizability, try a wood privacy fence for your Indiana property. Wood is a natural material that is made to enhance the look of any style property and can be shaped in any way you desire. For privacy, wood is a great, affordable choice. With more maintenance required and the possibility of warping or rotting, wood privacy fences can have some disadvantages to consider. Even still, wood privacy fencing is a favorite choice for many homeowners and business owners across Evansville, Indiana to protect their property, add value to their home and provide the security needed for their space.

4. Chain Link Privacy Fence

Chain link fences are known to be one of the most economical types of fencing; however, many people do not realize the versatility that is available with chain link these days. This includes ways to make your chain link fence a privacy fence for your home or business in Evansville, Indiana. All you need to do is choose to add colored PVC privacy slats to match your design plans and have them inserted at the time of installation. It may even be possible to add privacy slats into an existing chain link fence when necessary.

5. Aluminum-Vinyl Hybrid Privacy Fence 

Aluminum fences alone cannot create full privacy because of the spacing between the aluminum rails; however, it is a material that can be used in conjunction with vinyl fencing panels that do have the capability of full privacy. With an aluminum fence frame and inset vinyl privacy fencing panels, your fence professionals can build a decorative fence that is not only strong and unique but is also low maintenance and long-lasting.

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