Installing a new fence comes with the job of comparing different material options to make an informed choice. If you’ve ruled out wood due to its high maintenance requirements and determined that a chain-link fence doesn’t match your property’s aesthetics, you’re probably considering either an aluminum or vinyl fence.

When it comes to choosing between an aluminum fence and a vinyl fence, evaluating their advantages and disadvantages in specific categories can help you make a fair comparison. As a reputable Indiana fence company, we aim to share our expertise in this article to assist you in selecting between these two popular fencing options. Which one will emerge as the winner in the Indiana Aluminum Fence vs. Indiana Vinyl Fence battle? Ultimately, it’s up to you, the knowledgeable homeowner, to decide!


While functionality plays a crucial role in fence selection, aesthetics are equally important. It’s essential to choose a fence that harmonizes with the overall look of your property and enhances its beauty.

The good news is that both aluminum fencing and vinyl fencing offer various styles that can complement many different property aesthetics, whether you prefer a timeless and traditional look or a more modern and daring design. Indiana vinyl fences and aluminum fences are available in diverse styles to cater to your preferences. If you desire a distinctive, elegant appearance, an aluminum fence with decorative pickets and ornate details might be the ideal choice. On the other hand, a white vinyl fence with slightly spaced pickets or solid panels can create a classic look that beautifully complements your landscaping. Depending on your home’s design and the characteristics of your property, both vinyl and aluminum fences installed by your trusted Indiana fence company have the potential to satisfy your aesthetic preferences.


When selecting a fence, considering its intended purpose and usage is necessary. By comparing specific factors such as privacy, height, and security, we can gain a better understanding of the distinctions between vinyl and aluminum fences.

If your primary concern is privacy and preventing neighbors from peering into your backyard, vinyl fences may be the preferred choice. These fences are designed with closely arranged pickets, forming closed panels that obstruct visibility. On the other hand, aluminum fences have pickets spaced further apart, allowing a view through the fence into the yard. However, it is possible to achieve an open appearance with vinyl fence materials as well. So, if preserving your view of the surroundings or installing a fence around a pool is important to you, both vinyl and aluminum can fulfill your requirements.

Height is another crucial aspect to consider, especially if your goal is privacy or securing animals within or outside your yard. Fortunately, both vinyl and aluminum fences are available at a height of six feet, providing sufficient coverage.

If your main focus is security, an aluminum fence might be the optimal choice. These fences feature robust pickets that are challenging to cut through, and many styles even have pointed pickets that act as a deterrent for climbing over.

By carefully evaluating your specific needs in terms of privacy, height, and security, you can determine whether vinyl or aluminum is the best fence option for you.

Care Requirements

Vinyl and aluminum are both well-known for being materials that are relatively easy to maintain. Rotting won’t be an issue with vinyl or aluminum, unlike wood. While rust is definitely not a worry when it comes to vinyl, it is also not a factor for aluminum since it won’t rust as other metals do. 

To maintain the appearance of your vinyl fence, all that is needed is a simple wash once in a while. If you notice a stain or a mark on the fence, soap and water will easily remove it. Occasional washings can also benefit your Indiana aluminum fence, but other than that, not much attention is needed. So, when it comes to care, both vinyl and aluminum fences are similar in that they boast low maintenance.


Although it’s true that aluminum and vinyl fences tend to have a higher price point than either wood or chain-link fences, the higher initial investment is easily offset by the lower maintenance needs and longevity of both types of material. 

It’s not easy to determine whether an Indiana aluminum fence or vinyl fence is more expensive upfront since the cost of your project depends on multiple factors that are unique to your own situation. Depending on the length of the fence you want to install and the specifics of the installation, the price can vary. Sometimes factors are in play that will cause either vinyl or aluminum to be less expensive. The experts at Mr. Fence, your trusted Indiana fence company, can provide you with an accurate estimate. 


In terms of lifespan, aluminum is the clear winner over vinyl. A high-quality aluminum fence can last for 50 years with proper care. If you don’t need to worry about your fence lasting quite that long, vinyl could still meet your needs when it comes to longevity. A quality Indiana vinyl fence can last longer than 20 years, which may easily meet your needs when you think about your future plans. Whichever one you choose, vinyl or aluminum both deliver many years of worry-free fencing solutions. 


The level of sustainability of materials used in the home is important to many people. If you happen to be thinking about how these materials are created or even pondering the end of your fence’s life, you might wonder whether an Indiana aluminum fence or vinyl fence is better for the environment. Aluminum is a recyclable material, which means you can easily find a recycler to take the fence off of your hands when it’s time to dispose of it. Although vinyl doesn’t boast the same level of eco-friendliness as aluminum, it can still be an earth-friendly option if you maintain the fence and ensure it lives a long life.

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