Recently, a homeowner in Evansville (where we are located) asked me if we were the best fence company in the tri-state area?  Yep.  Simple as that.

But it got me thinking, “are we the best fence company in the Tri State?”  How can we know?  What would be a fair criteria to use to judge something like that?  It is certainly my goal that we are and we will work hard to be the best fence company in the Tri State… but are we there yet?

I think we might be! … but fear not, we will keep working to get even better.

Here is why I think we are the best fence company and the best choice for your home or business in the Tri State:

Best Fence Warranty in the Tri State

Let’s jump right into the Mr. Fence warranty.  

If a company uses great products (we do!) and uses superior workmanship (we definitely do!), and installation techniques (we actually wrote a book on this!) and stands behind their work no matter what (yep, we do that too) … seems like they might be the best choice of fence company to work with!

Each of our fences comes with different manufacturer warranties on the product itself.  For example, our vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing come with lifetime manufacturer warranties.  This means if the fence ever breaks, cracks, warps, discolors, etc – you are covered directly by the manufacturer.  Sweet.

On top of that, Mr. Fence covers the installation of every fence, regardless of material, with a LIFETIME workmanship warranty!  We are so confident and committed to your satisfaction that we back up our work for life.  

Let’s be fair.  Mistakes do happen. At some point, we might mess something up.  When that happens, you can be 100% confident that we are going to fix it.  Period.

For you, it’s about peace of mind.  You want a great fence and you want to know it’ll last.  Done.

For us, it is about providing a great product and a great service – ensuring our customers across Indiana are completely satisfied.