No swimming pool is complete without an attractive, secure fence. Safety should always be the first priority for your swimming pool, and it’s the reason many communities in Evansville, Indiana and beyond require a fence for safety purposes around any swimming pool. Local wildlife, others in the community and your loved ones are all safer when you have a sturdy and secure swimming pool fencing solution for your home.

Your choices are limited only by budget and available materials. Mr. Fence in Evansville has plenty of options that will suit any existing fence design and project budget, and their expert installers can put the finishing touches on your swimming pool in no time. How do you choose the best fence for your pool? Here are some important considerations to make and some inspirational ideas to get you started.

Considerations When Choosing a Fence for Your Swimming Pool

The first step to choosing the perfect fence for your swimming pool is determining the following:


A fence for your pool can cost as little as $15 per foot or as much as $500. It all depends on the dimensions of the area you want to fence in and the type of material you choose. Certain types of fence also require additional materials to install, and some installers may charge additional labor fees depending on what’s necessary to install the fence securely. You’ll want to weigh the costs of each type of fence against what you have budgeted for the project and try to find the best balance between cost, durability and security.


The chief determining factor in the cost of installing a swimming pool fence, the right materials make all the difference between a fence that stands for decades and one that needs replacing every five years. Think about what will weather the Indiana winters best, as harsh conditions can cause certain types of wooden fences to age rapidly, even with a weather-resistant finish. Additionally, you want to consider how much sections of fence would cost to replace, as certain materials are less expensive than others and often ship in sections that can be easily exchanged in the event of damage.

Safety & Security

A fence that doesn’t prevent access to the pool when adults aren’t present to supervise children or when you aren’t home isn’t going to be functional. Installing a locking gate and building the fence high enough that it can’t easily be climbed over are two very important considerations when you are installing a swimming pool fence.

Additionally, you want your fence to be sturdy enough to withstand weather and wear over time. If there is a weakness in the fence, local wildlife or people will find it. Part of responsible pool ownership is ensuring that no pets, animals or people can get into the pool without your knowledge.

You may be held legally or financially liable for accidents in your pool if you don’t maintain a secure perimeter, even if access occurred without your knowledge. Protect yourself and everyone else by ensuring your swimming pool fence provides both safety and security.

Popular Swimming Pool Fence Ideas

There are literally hundreds of options available when it comes to finishes, designs and materials for your swimming pool fence. Let’s look at a few of the more popular options homeowners in Evansville are installing around their swimming pools.

Frameless Glass Fence

A premium fence option, this is among the most expensive options best suited to modern homes and yard designs. Metal brackets anchor large glass panels in place around the pool, allowing for maximum visibility of the pool without compromising security or safety. It’s not the best option in terms of cost, as sections can run in excess of $300 per foot. That being said, the luxurious and ultra-modern appearance makes it a popular choice for homeowners who want to minimize the visual impact of the swimming pool fence on their back yard.

Aluminum Fence

Capable of being shaped to look like a significantly more expensive wrought iron fence, aluminum fences are durable, weather resistant and easy to secure. Moreover, aluminum fencing styled to look like wrought-iron is a popular choice for homes with Gothic, Victorian or similar classic architecture. These metal fences can also be finished in a multitude of colors to suit existing fences and designs, too. More importantly, they also cost far less than most other fence options, and they require less maintenance to last longer, too.

Vinyl Fence

The most popular option for home fencing today, vinyl fence has the greatest variety of designs and colors available. It’s almost completely weatherproof, requires virtually no maintenance and looks gorgeous regardless of the existing design of your yard. It also possesses the virtue of being among the least expensive fencing options available, which undoubtedly has contributed to its popularity.

Removable Fence

This is not recommended for long-term use, but if you need a fence for safety in the short term, a removable fence is an excellent option. Typically constructed of a plastic fiber mesh suspended between aluminum posts, these fences are sunk into metal brackets in the concrete around your pool. They aren’t suited for above ground pools, but they are often accepted by many HOAs and communities as meeting pool fence safety requirements. They are very inexpensive to install, but they do have a significant drawback due to the fact that they offer virtually no security for your pool. Unless your existing backyard fence locks, it may not prevent unauthorized access to your pool.

Do you have a swimming pool that needs a safe and secure fence solution? Mr. Fence is the Evansville area is the authority for fences and installation. Call today for more information about installing the perfect fence for your Evansville home.