Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fence Benefits

If you want an easy but beautiful fence that is also environmentally friendly, look no further than our vinyl fences. In the long run, less material needs to be used to create replacement fences because vinyl fences can last 3 to 5 times as long as certain types of wood fences.

Vinyl Fence Features

Our Cambium® line of vinyl fences has the look of wood grain but the durability of vinyl, and will last much longer than wood fences, which usually break down within ten years. Our Cambium vinyl fences by ActiveYards are guaranteed to not warp, crack, mildew or fade.

Maintenance and Care

Vinyl will not grow mold or mildew, but yard debris that can accumulate on the fence may over time. It is recommended to rinse off any dirt or grass clippings at least bi-annually.

Benefits to Installing Vinyl Fences in Vanderburgh County, IN

Vinyl Fencing is a popular choice for customers in Vanderburgh County, IN. At Mr. Fence, we often recommend vinyl fences because they are low maintenance, customizable, and safe to use.

More privacy or more visibility - your choice!

The amount of privacy you'll get from a vinyl fence is entirely up to the home or business owner. There are customization options with vinyl fencing to accommodate every need, whether you want more privacy or maximum visibility! If you want more privacy in your backyard, you can choose a 6-foot tall, full closed vinyl fence that essentially serves as a wall between your family and the outside world. If you're putting a fence around your Vanderburgh County, IN area business and you want to maximize visibility to your property, you can choose a 4-foot picket-style vinyl fence or go with a fence that leaves space in between the panels. Whatever height and spacing you may choose, the safety and security of vinyl fences remains the same with durable fence panels, solid hinges and strong gates. Protect your property and accentuate your building with a vinyl fence that serves a purpose.

Splinters are a thing of the past

Vinyl fencing does not splinter like wood and metal fences can. Splinters are no fun and can cause painful injuries and serious infections. As they age, the surface of a wooden fence becomes weak and edges become sharp and jagged. Even new wooden fences will splinter if they're exposed to stress or damage. Metal fences are even worse when they age and splinter because a person can contract tetanus from shards of rusted metal- a very dangerous condition. With the modern construction and technology built into vinyl fencing, families and business owners will never worry about children or pets being harmed by a splintering fence!

Vinyl Fencing Solutions

Mr. Fence has a large portfolio of ActiveYards® vinyl fencing options to choose from. All Haven and Home series privacy vinyl fence panels feature ActiveYards®' exclusive Glidelock® technology to ensure the boards lock tightly into place without any gaps.

ActiveYards vinyl fences not only meet privacy, protection or pool code needs, but they also increase curb appeal and add years of value to a home.

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Decorative Vinyl Fences

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