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Aluminum Fence Benefits

Installing a durable aluminum fence is a stylish way to keep your property private and secure. We carry many types of aluminum fences that are customizable to fit the size, shape and level of your yard.

Aluminum Fence Features

For a fence that is most resilient to direct sunlight, shop the ActiveYards line of aluminum fences. Protected by anti-fading Solarguard technology, these aluminum fences maintain their beauty and strength despite the sunshine and heat.

Maintenance and Care

A bi-annual rinse with a garden hose is all the maintenance you should need. If debris like grass or dirt have built up, a wipe down with soapy water will easily do the trick. Over time, some hardware around the gate may need a replacement.

Why Customers in Evansville, Indiana Prefer Aluminum Fences

Many customers prefer aluminum fences for residential yards and commercial lots in Evansville, Indiana. At Mr. Fence, you’ll save money on aluminum because it’s inexpensive and very durable.

Aluminum fences offer added security

An aluminum fence is very effective in securing your property and protecting your family. Beyond the obvious features, additional security options are available for the standard aluminum fence. If you live in a bad part of Vanderburgh County, IN or you have specific concerns about trespassing and break-ins, you may choose to upgrade your fence. Such additions can include more railing, gates, locks, and tapered post caps. These options can be made in aluminum to match your existing fence or even upgraded to a stronger metal like steel or iron. Gates are available in a variety of styles: single and double gates, self-closing, self-latching, automated, and more. All of these aluminum fencing security upgrades give added protection to your property, possessions, and loved ones. Consult with our professional fencing contractors at Evansville, Indiana for help with protecting your home or business.

Aluminum fences are sustainable

Most of our aluminum fences at Mr. Fence are covered under a warranty. When installed properly, aluminum fences might even last longer than your home or business. Therefore, you won’t need to waste resources to replace your fence every few years or even decades. Another reason they’re high on the list of sustainable fencing options is that they don’t require regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can be seen as a waste of resources. Maintaining a fence can be extremely harmful to the environment or to yourself because of the use of toxic chemicals. No maintenance or harmful chemicals are required in owning an aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fencing Solutions

Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, we have a fence solution for you. Whether you are seeking privacy or protection, completing the final touch around your pool, or just looking to add decorative curb appeal to enhance the value of your home, Mr Fence has your solution.

Our ActiveYards aluminum fences use next generation technology to ensure strength, longevity and easy upkeep. Customers can purchase with total confidence and add overall value to properties.

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Pool Code Aluminum Fences

pool aluminum fence bedrock

pool aluminum fence granite

pool aluminum fence marble

pool aluminum fence amethyst

Security Aluminum Fences

aluminum fence travertine

aluminum fence slate

aluminum fence basalt

aluminum fence onyx

aluminum fence diamond

aluminum fence Amethyst-3-Rail


aluminum fence bedrock
aluminum fence granite
aluminum fence marble
aluminum fence amethyst


aluminum fence travertine
aluminum fence slate
aluminum fence basalt
aluminum fence onyx
aluminum fence diamond
aluminum fence Amethyst-3-Rail

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