When it comes to strong, long-lasting fences, we don’t compromise. At Mr. Fence, we’ve embraced a revolutionary no-dig installation technique that stands head and shoulders above conventional methods. What makes our approach unique in the Evansville, Indiana fencing landscape? Join us as we shed light on our innovative no-dig method and highlight why Mr. Fence is your premier choice. Dive in and discover why our no-dig fencing solutions are a cut above the rest!

What is a No-Dig Indiana Residential Fence?

We prioritize superior quality installation practices by using a no-dig fence method and installing all of our posts using a post driver. Driving fence posts allows us to securely place your fence posts deep into the ground without tearing up your yard or pouring large amounts of concrete. 

The majority of fence companies only use the traditional method of installing Indiana residential fences. That process consists of digging large holes and then placing the fence posts in concrete. While this technique is usually initially effective and sometimes must still be used depending on the location of a fence, it is a messy, time-consuming process that doesn’t provide the same longevity as our no-dig method.

Let’s explore the benefits of choosing an Evansville, Indiana fence company that drives their fence posts! 

The Benefits of Driving Fence Posts From Your Evansville, Indiana Fence Company

  1. Faster Installation by Driving Fence Posts 

When working with any other Indiana fence company, the installation team will show up to your home with shovels and crew, ready to dig several holes in your yard, each at least several feet deep. Not only do the holes need to be relatively deep, but they also need to be wider at the bottom with smooth sides to avoid posts being displaced when the ground is frozen. As you can imagine, this is a messy, time-consuming process that is likely to tear up your yard. There is also a lot of room for human error, depending on the expertise of the installation team.

When you work with Mr. Fence, we arrive with our post driver and sink your new fence posts deep into the ground without displacing any dirt! By utilizing post drivers, we can be sure that your fence posts are placed evenly and deep enough into the ground each time. 

A huge benefit of our no-dig method is that you don’t have to wait for your fence company to mix or pour any concrete! Prior to installation, we take great care to ensure that your soil conditions are appropriate for driving posts. By monitoring soil conditions and understanding our local landscape, we do not need concrete to keep your fence posts solidly in place, even in the face of Evansville, Indiana wind, rain, or snow. The days of waiting for concrete to dry are in the past with Mr. Fence! 

When you want a new Indiana residential fence or commercial fence fast, the pros at Mr. Fence are your best bet! 

  1. Keeping Your Yard Neat and Clean – Our No-Dig Method

You may be asking yourself, if I choose another fence company, what happens to all that dirt after all of the post holes are dug? Unfortunately, many local companies that install Indiana residential fences are not upfront with this information, leaving customers with piles of dirt strewn throughout their yards! 

When you work with our esteemed Evansville, Indiana Fence Company, you don’t have to worry about piles of dirt being left around. When we use our no-dig installation method, our posts are driven firmly into the solid ground using a post driver. A post driver is a mechanical or gas-powered machine that sinks posts into the ground without any pre-dug holes. 

Not only do we keep your yard neat and tidy, but we also offer free instant online quotes for all of our customers – just another way we prioritize our customers and set ourselves apart from other Evansville fence contractors! 

  1. Indiana Residential Fence Longevity

You need to count on your fence contractor to install a beautiful perimeter fence that will not shift or fall over during the harsh Indiana winters. That’s why we tell our customers about frost heaves! Each winter, the water in the Evansville soil freezes and expands, displacing dirt and any other objects in the ground, like fence posts. 

In traditional fence installation methods used by a typical Indiana fence company, the concrete surrounding the fence post naturally attracts water. The water then freezes and expands and starts to shove the fence post upward, causing what we call a frost heave. Fence companies can attempt to avoid frost heaves by digging very smooth holes or creating a bell-shaped hole, but these techniques are difficult to complete perfectly each time they dig a hole throughout the fence installation process. 

But have no fear, Mr. Fence is here! When we drive our fence posts, we place them below the frost line. This means that the bottom of your fence posts is placed in soil that will not freeze or become displaced during the winter. Additionally, because we do not use concrete during the installation process, you don’t have to worry about your fence posts attracting water and increasing their risk of displacement.

I-Fence: The No-Dig Aluminum Option

While the no-dig method has already proven highly efficient for driving other types of posts, it’s essential to highlight the advancements made specifically for aluminum fencing. Enter the I-Fence system, exclusively designed for driving our patented I-Posts. Developed by the experts at Mr. Fence and our colleagues, this innovative technique ensures that aluminum I-Posts are set firmly into the ground.  

Take a look at the benefits of our innovative I-Posts:

  • Stronger: 

Crafted using high-quality aluminum materials, the I-Post is stronger than other traditional aluminum fence posts. I-Posts are twice as thick as traditional residential fence posts, giving them a stronger profile and allowing the fence to resist bending, warping, and twisting. When driven into the ground, the I-Post is set deeper than traditionally installed fence posts, giving your fence improved resistance to bending on impact, loosening when exposed to the wind or snow, and becoming displaced with frost heaving. 

  • Faster: 

Thanks to the strong construction of the I-Post, they can be driven several feet into the ground without pre-digging several large holes and mixing concrete. Driving posts significantly decreases the amount of time it takes to install a fence, reducing the number of man-hours required for each project and the labor costs. We have found that installers are typically able to double, triple, or quadruple the number of fence sections installed per man hour on their first installation using I-Posts!

This dedication to evolving methods and prioritizing quality solidifies Mr. Fence’s reputation as a frontrunner in the fencing industry. Take a look at our I-Fence website for more information.

Working With a Reputable Evansville, Indiana Residential Fence Company Is Important

Choosing the perfect Indiana residential fence company to work with can be challenging. At Mr. Fence, we set ourselves apart from our competitors with our exceptional fence installation methods, extensive experience, and an impressive list of positive customer reviews

If you are in the market for a high-quality fence that allows you to quickly and easily add a layer of both security and privacy to your property, consider working with our highly rated Evansville, Indiana fence company and let us show you why we love driving our fence posts. If you need additional inspiration for your next fence project, check out our photo gallery for more of our finished projects!  

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