Along with choosing the fencing material, the location, and the design, you’ll want to put some thought into the gates that you’ll need for your brand-new fence. Gates are an important element of any new fence and deserve a bit of consideration. But the question of how many gates are needed is not that simple. Keep reading for some points to consider when deciding how many gates you need for your next Indiana residential fencing project.

Types of Fence Gates by an Indiana Fence Company

Something you’ll need to contemplate before choosing the number of gates you need is what material to use. Since your gate should seamlessly blend in with the rest of your fence, you’ll want to choose a complementary fence material and style. Mr. Fence, your professional Indiana fence company, offers a variety of material options, including aluminum fences, vinyl fences, wood fences, or chain link fences. Visit the link for each type on our website to see the different choices we offer.

Here are some typical gate options you will need to consider for a new fence installation.

  • Single/Standard Gates: This single-door gate is usually the same height as the rest of the fence and has one swinging door. It can feature a number of design elements, from latticework to arched tops, and is typically only big enough for one person to walk through. This gate should be reinforced to keep it from sagging and warping, and the latch system should be strategically placed. 
  • Double Gates: While many people opt for a standard gate to allow guests to walk through, they often like to have an additional double gate to allow easy entry for larger items, such as lawn maintenance equipment or recreational vehicles. 
  • Drive Gates: Residential driveway gates add a stunning entry to the property and can be installed with automatic openers. Commercial properties often require secure access entry, and the extra security will protect your employees and assets. 
  • Pool Gates: Although gates and fences can be decorative, their main purpose is to provide security and keep your family safe. When considering a gate for your pool area, keep in mind that many municipalities already have regulations in place, and the experts at Mr. Fence will ensure that your pool gate will meet those requirements. 

Consider the Size Of Your Property and Fence Location 

Do you have a small lot? Having one walk-through gate may be all you need. Is your yard on the larger side? You may consider having two gates so you can access your yard from different points on your property. Does your fence act as a boundary with a neighbor? Or does it run across the back side of your yard? You may not think you need an extra gate. However, if the kids throw a ball over the back of the fence, having that extra access point could make it a whole lot easier to retrieve it.

Considerations for Residential and Commercial Properties

The type of property you are fencing in will also help determine the size and number of gates you will need. If you’re planning an Indiana residential fencing project, consider the entry points you may need for automobiles, lawn care, recreational vehicles, or leisure activities. 

If you’re considering a driveway gate, you’ll want one that allows easy access for you and your family to enter your driveway. A gate with secured access is a great idea so that you can enter freely, but it will prohibit unauthorized vehicles from entering your property when you’re not home. Depending on your property size and the positioning of your home, you might consider a dual-opening gate to accommodate your needs.

However, commercial property owners must consider different gate options as entry points for their customers, employees, and freight. Do you have a warehouse area that needs to be sectioned off away from the main building, where deliveries can be made and customers are unable to access it? Do you want a separate parking area for your employees and customers? There are solutions for each scenario, and our Indiana fence company experts can help walk you through all of your options to decide which is the best choice to meet your needs.

Mr. Fence is Here to Help You With Your Fence and Gate Needs

Whether you are installing a traditional wood fence, a sleek vinyl fence, an elegant aluminum fence, or a practical chain link fence, fence gates help you access your space quickly and easily. Gate designs differ almost as much as fence designs, which can be overwhelming when trying to make a decision. Fortunately, our fence experts at your Indiana fence company Mr. Fence, are knowledgeable in all elements of fence design and construction, including gates! Give us a call at (812) 425-3550 or contact us online and let our fence professionals help you plan your next fencing project!