We all can agree that a sturdy, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing fence is a valuable addition to any property. With that in mind, we’re proud to introduce you to the groundbreaking “King Plus Method of Wood Fence Installation” that promises to transform your conventional idea of an Indiana wood fence. In this article, we’ll preview the magic behind this method, explore its unique construction process, and reveal why it stands out in cost, quality, and longevity.

Meet the Man Behind the Revolution

Shawn King, fondly known as Mr. Fence, isn’t just any regular fence installer. Proclaiming himself as the “Tri-State’s biggest fence geek,” he’s on a relentless mission as the owner of the Evansville, Indiana fence company, Mr. Fence. His objective? To discover the absolute best method for constructing fences that serve the community, ensuring impeccable quality, swift installation, and unmatched value for his customers.

Unmasking the Appearance

From a distance, you might mistake a King Plus fence for any typical dog ear pressure-treated Indiana residential fencing. But as the age-old saying goes, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The secret to what makes it special is hidden behind the pickets, setting it worlds apart from its traditional counterparts that a different Evansville, Indiana fence company might install.

King Plus Method Explained

This pioneering method incorporates:

  • A “King Plus” post – a robust 2.5-inch schedule 20 steel post, positioned 8 feet in total: 4 feet underground and 4 feet exposed above ground. For those interested, it’s also feasible to utilize Schedule 40 steel posts inside 2 ⅜ post boxes, typically crafted onsite.
  • Custom-made boxes are designed meticulously to encapsulate these posts.
  • The utilization of two 2x4s, each cut to a precise length of 67.5 inches.
  • The slim space between the vertical 2x4s is snug enough to house a 2.5-inch steel post.

Construction Insights:

The construction process begins with temporary three-inch nails holding the steel post in place. Once the rails are established, they’re fortified with six three-inch self-tapping steel screws driven into the post, ensuring the fence remains steadfast and durable.

Why Opt for the King Plus Method?

Speed and Efficiency

It not only mimics the traditional wood fence-building method but does so with heightened speed and efficiency.


The King Plus method showcases superior strength compared to the PostMaster method. Its ability to hold its ground even when driven 4 feet through a concrete pad is testimony to its robustness.


Fewer posts (thanks to the max 10-foot centers) means a reduced overall cost for an Indiana wood fence.

Perfection in Alignment

The poles are guaranteed to be perfectly aligned, ensuring a straight fence line every time.

Mess-Free Installation

The no-dig method of driving posts directly ensures no mess, preserving the beauty of your yard.

Pre-Stained Boards

To ward off common Indiana wood fence issues like warping and cracking, the boards are pre-stained, enhancing longevity and visual appeal.

Enhanced Durability

With four nails used at the top and fewer exposed pickets, the chances of your Indiana wood fence warping are minimal.

Cost Implications

Contrary to what one might assume by looking at the materials and the intricate process, the cost mirrors that of traditionally built pressure-treated wood fences. Plus, it eradicates common issues found in Indiana residential fencing, like warping, deterioration, and unsightly dirt mounds in your yard.

The King Plus Method Reigns Superior

The final verdict from the expert himself, Mr. Fence, is clear: The King Plus method is a supreme example of Indiana residential fencing perfection. Offering unparalleled quality in an Indiana wood fence without the extra cost, ensuring minimal warping, and promising a lifespan of over two decades, this method epitomizes the “Mr. Fence difference.” So, if you’re considering a fence that blends beauty, strength, and value, it’s time to think King Plus.

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