We understand that protecting your family, your home and your assets both personal and business is your number one priority.  That being the case, many home and business owners install fencing believing that it will add an extra layer of protection for their property. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely the case. Though having a fence around your property may make someone with ill intentions think twice, it is not going to stop a person that’s determined to burglarize or cause harm or damage property. Here are some points and options to consider before you install new security fencing.

Considerations for an Effective Indiana Security Fence 

If you live in a relatively quiet residential community that has minimal traffic and a low crime rate, a standard fence such as a wood or vinyl privacy fence will typically meet the needs of you and your family. However, if your home is in a more densely populated area or if you own commercial or industrial property, there may be a need for something more secure that would deter those intending to do harm to or burglarize your property.   

In order to secure commercial or industrial properties it’s advisable to consider fencing that not only deters thieves but also makes it very difficult for them to climb up and over. Typically this comes in the form of a metal fence with added security features such as razor wire or spikes. Aluminum and chain link fencing are good options for this type of property because it provides protection without obscuring visibility. The priority should be delaying an intruder for as long as possible while you alert the authorities.

Here are three important questions to ask when considering which security fence will best fit your needs.

Does the fence provide any hiding places?

When choosing Indiana security fencing styles and materials, it is important that you avoid a style that could potentially obscure your view of the other side of the fence. Not having the ability to monitor both sides of your fence and see if anyone is lurking around your property puts you at a disadvantage. Being able to identify an intruder before they breach your fence may have a big impact on how quickly you are able to call for help and how fast that help arrives. In light of this, solid panel vinyl or wood fencing may not be the best choice for your Indiana security fence.

Is the Fence Easy to Climb?

It stands to reason that an effective security fence should be difficult to climb. Typically a security fence should be at least 54” tall.  Most residential communities have height restrictions for fencing, so if you find yourself limited by height, there are options. Adding spikes, points, razor wire, or barbed wire on the top of your fence will discourage or deter potential intruders from climbing over it. If you choose a horizontal rail option for your fence, make sure that the spacing is short and that the rails face the inside of your property. These options won’t allow for easy climbing. 

Is the Fence Hard to Breach?

If your home or business is difficult to access, most intruders will seek out an easier target. It is vitally important that your security fence surrounds your entire property, is made of good quality materials, is firmly secured to the ground, and is not easily cut. Installing a security gate along with fencing will provide an additional layer of security for your property. A great Indiana fence company like Mr. Fence has many options to choose from. Here are some of their recommendations for security fencing. 

1. Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a favorite among home and business owners, as well as community associations. Not only is it a great option for security, but it is also attractive and maintains curb appeal. For added security, points or spikes can be optional for the top of your fencing.

Aluminum fences are known for their strength and durability. They are often compared to wrought iron but preferred due to their lightweight design, affordability, and ease of care. A good quality aluminum fence is manufactured with a powder coating that protects it from rust, rot, and deterioration. If well maintained, an aluminum fence is resistant to weather, wind, and pests and has a very long life expectancy. 

2. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is a fairly good option when it comes to security fences. The addition of razor wire, barbed wire, or electrical wire to the top of the fence would make a big difference in discouraging would-be intruders from attempting to scale your fence. Another consideration for optimizing your chain link security fence would be to increase the thickness of the galvanized steel wires. The thicker the wires, the less likely it is that they can be easily cut. Choosing a taller fence will also help bolster the security around your property. Chain link fence is a great option for home or business owners that are on a tight budget but still want effective security options for their property. 

Chain link fencing is made of very durable galvanized steel. It is almost impossible for chain link fencing to be destroyed by pests or rot, and it requires very little maintenance other than occasionally sweeping off debris such as leaves or spiderwebs. There is also the option of adding a PVC coating to your chain link fence. The PVC coating is available in a variety of colors and adds a layer of protection plus an element of curb appeal to your property. 

Choose a Top-Rated Indiana Fence Company!

The safety and security of your home or business are not something to take lightly. When considering the purchase and installation of new security fencing, finding a trustworthy, top-rated Indiana fence company is imperative. Trust the experts at Indiana fence company, Mr. Fence, to answer any questions and help you decide what the best options for your project are. You can call us at (812) 425-3550, or you can Contact Us on our website. We’re here to help and look forward to speaking with you!