Do It Yourself Indiana Residential Fencing

Installing your own fence can be a fun and rewarding experience, but if you’re not sure if you have the knowledge and proper materials to start a DIY project, Mr. Fence is here to help! Before you get started, let the pros at Mr. Fence provide you with the expert support you need to succeed […]

5 Best Types of Indiana Privacy Fence You’ll Love!

Getting the perfect amount of privacy from your property fence is an important decision! Privacy fences in Indiana can be made from a variety of materials from vinyl to wood to chain link and even include a hybrid of aluminum with vinyl, all of which are available from Mr. Fence. There are benefits and drawbacks […]

5 Spring Fence Tips from Your Evansville Indiana Fence Company

5 Spring Fence Tips from Your Evansville Indiana Fence Company The sun is out and there is a hint of warmer temperatures to come. Soon, you will be wanting to venture out to enjoy the great outdoors again. You had your beautiful fence installed by the best Evansville, Indiana fence company, Mr. Fence, and now […]

What to Know About Winter Fence Installations in Indiana and the Tri-State Area

When it’s time for a new fence, you don’t want to have to wait to have it installed until a more convenient time. How can you know if it’s okay to have your fence installed by a great Evansville fence company in the cold winter months? Let us show you a few main reasons why […]

Basic Facts about Chain Link Fences in Indiana

Basic Facts about Chain Link Fences in Indiana Chain link fencing is a flexible option that has shown to be effective for many properties in the Evansville, IN area. To cover some of the basic info, in this article we will explore what you need to know as you consider chain link fencing for your […]

Mr Fence – Indiana, Fences, and Covid

As Indiana property owners enter the 18th+ month of Covid, the prospect of purchasing a new fence for your property may require a few minor “adjustments”.  While the fencing industry certainly hasn’t been impacted nearly to the level of some other industries, we have had our issues as well.  These “issues” may impact the pricing […]

The Best Fence Company Website Ever?

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website!  Anyone who owns or manages a business knows what a monumental task it is to launch a new website that captures everything you want the world to know about your business.  We think we nailed it! … we hope you agree. The Top […]

Is Mr Fence the Best Fence Company in the Tri State?

Recently, a homeowner in Evansville (where we are located) asked me if we were the best fence company in the tri-state area?  Yep.  Simple as that. But it got me thinking, “are we the best fence company in the Tri State?”  How can we know?  What would be a fair criteria to use to judge […]

Creative Pool Fence Ideas

In the last few years, we have seen an increasing interest in backyard pools and creative fencing ideas.  With Covid this interest in creative fencing ideas seems to have accelerated.   In this article, we will explore some of the most creative pool fence ideas we have seen … many of which we have completed ourselves. […]

Pool Fence Ideas

No swimming pool is complete without an attractive, secure fence. Safety should always be the first priority for your swimming pool, and it’s the reason many communities in Evansville, Indiana and beyond require a fence for safety purposes around any swimming pool. Local wildlife, others in the community and your loved ones are all safer […]

Residential Fencing – What You Should Know

Residential Fencing in Evansville, Indiana There are so many benefits in adding a residential fence to your Evansville home. A common misconception about fencing is that it is purely for making your lawn or yard look nice. Truthfully, there are a multitude of great benefits of adding a residential fence to your yard or home. […]

Most Popular Aluminum Fences

Aluminum is a popular material that our Evansville, Indiana customers love. Aluminum fencing is an outstanding fencing option for both lawns and pools. ActiveYards aluminum fences will give you the perfect combination of protection, security and privacy. Our customers and neighbors love our aluminum fencing because it is highly customizable. You can choose from a […]

Choosing the Right Fence Company

Mr. Fence-Evansville, Indiana Choosing the right fence company for your needs can be time-consuming. At Mr. Fence in Evansville, Indiana, creating your ideal fence design is our top priority. As fencing contractors, we strive to offer the highest quality materials and installation at competitive prices. As members of the Better Business Bureau and the American […]

Improve Your Property Value with Beautiful Fencing

A properly fenced swimming pool is a safe, well-kept swimming pool. You’ve already invested time and money into making your pool and water features an integral part of your backyard landscape. Your investment should be protected by a fence that enhances the existing structures in your yard and keeps friends and family safe when your […]

Privacy Fencing: What You Should Know

Adding a privacy fence to your Evansville Indiana property increases its value and provides you with added security. At first glance, installing a fence is a project that can be a bit of an intimidating investment in both time and money, and both are determined by whether you are hiring a contractor or taking the […]

Do-It-Yourself Vinyl Fence Installation Tips

If you are thinking about installing a vinyl pool fence, vinyl fences are a great option. There are so many unique benefits to using vinyl fences for your pool. There are a few reasons that make them stand out from other types of pool fences on the market. If you are interested in doing a […]

The Most Popular Dog Fences

Installing a fence is a common choice for dog owners to ensure the safety and security of their beloved pet. Some of the most popular types of fencing are wood, vinyl, aluminum and chain-link. There are certain positives and negatives for each type of fencing for you to take into consideration. The following are the […]

Keeping Your Pool Fence Up to Code

For many homeowners, having a pool is the ultimate luxury, particularly when the weather gets nice. However, just because you can relax and have fun in the sun, it doesn’t mean your pool isn’t a potential hazard. Households with little children have to take extra precautions to ensure that the kids are safe at all […]

Is Aluminum Fencing Right For You?

Choosing the right fence for your Evansville home can be daunting. Fences come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, styles, and colors which can make choosing the right fence for your home difficult. With that, we have harsh winters here in Indiana, which means you need a fence and fencing materials that can stand […]

How to Keep Your Fence in Pristine Shape for Spring in Indiana

Although winters can be a lot of fun in Indiana, they can also be damaging for fences. Once the weather starts to improve, take the time to inspect and clean your fence for optimum performance. At Mr. Fence, we understand all fencing types and what it takes to keep them in pristine condition.  So, with […]

Out With the Old, In With the New Aluminum Fences in Beautiful Styles

Aluminum fencing styles have come a long way in the past decade. The options are better than ever! It’s a great time to replace that old fence. Beautify your space with a new aluminum fence to compliment your house or business property! Explore the Variety of Aluminum Fencing Options When is the last time you […]

Eco-Friendly and Strong, Aluminum Fences are Best Choice for Indiana Residents

Compared to other materials, aluminum fencing is a better way to add protection to your Indiana  property. Read on to see why aluminum fences are better for a clean and healthy environment! Compared to other materials, aluminum fencing is a better way to add protection to your Indiana  property. Read on to see why aluminum […]

Quality Aluminum Fences Are Made to Last a Lifetime, So Choose Wisely

Buying a fence is a big decision! Before you install an aluminum fence, figure out what your style and purpose is. These fences are built to last and can provide safety, security, privacy for years to come. Nothing is More Reliable Than a Well Made Aluminum Fence If your priority is strength and longevity, a […]