Decorative fences

Decorative Fences

Decorative Fence Benefits

Looking for beautiful fencing that won’t require a ton of maintenance and upkeep? Shop our premium line of decorative fences that require little more than a rinse!

Decorative Fence Features

Our decorative fencing is built to last, and even the gates will stand the test of time. With built-in StaySquare technology, sagging and warping will be a fleeting memory. The gate assembly utilizes sturdy Boerboel gate hardware.

Maintenance and Care

Our SolarGuard infused vinyl is protected from sun-bleaching, so there is no need to paint every 3 to 5 years. If you eventually want a change of color, just sand, prime and paint.

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Decorative Vinyl Fences

For those who “want” a fence as opposed to “need” a fence, you will surely find what you are looking for among the ActiveYards vinyl and aluminum decorative styles. There is no better way to add curb appeal or create a backdrop for flowers and landscape designs than an ActiveYards Fencing System. Sometimes just a few panels make a huge impression!

The perfect fence does more than protect—it enhances, too. ActiveYards’ wide selection of colors and styles to choose from increases curb appeal and adds years of value to your home. Create a look that is distinctly yours.

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decorative vinyl fences barberry

decorative vinyl fences chestnut stepped

decorative vinyl fences crossbuck

decorative vinyl fences typelo

decorative vinyl fences primrose scallop

decorative vinyl fences silverbell scallop

decorative vinyl fences buckeye

decorative vinyl fences chestnut scallop staggered

decorative vinyl fences 2-Rail-Ranch

decorative vinyl fences mulberry

decorative vinyl fences primrose arch

decorative vinyl fences vinyl chestnut scallop

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