Get Protection, Privacy and Beauty with Our Fences in Sebree Kentucky

Fences provide a wide range of features and benefits that appeal to homeowners and business owners across the Sebree area. At Mr. Fence, we have the styles that meet even the highest expectations.

For all the reasons you need a fence, trust the pros at Mr. Fence!

For your home, we have residential fencing options in wood fence, vinyl fence, chain link fencing, and aluminum. Create the decorative look you've been dreaming of, protect your children and pets from outsiders, or give yourself the privacy and protection for your backyard pool. If you have bigger plans for your outdoor space, we can add a new deck, pergola or other structure, too

When it comes to your business, there's no doubt you want to have the best space for your clients and employees. When you need commercial fencing to create privacy, boost security or create a lovely, welcoming curb appeal, there are a multitude of fence options to satisfy.

Whatever you desire, call the experts at Mr. Fence to discuss your project goals and get started on your new fence today!

Sebree Kentucky Fence Company

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What is Your Main Purpose for a New Fence?

There are many reasons property owners in Sebree love working with the experts at Mr. Fence to put up fencing around their home or business. We specialize in high quality fencing for both homes and businesses in a wide range of scenarios all over Kentucky.

Sebree Kentucky residential fencing

Residential Fences in Sebree Kentucky

Do you want to improve your privacy or safety? Each of our residential fences looks great and is built to last, meeting the highest standards in the industry. Each type of residential fence has its own features and benefits, and we can help you find the one that fits your exact tastes and needs.

Sebree Residential Fencing
Sebree Kentucky commercial fencing

Commercial Fences in Sebree Kentucky

Most businesses we come across in the Sebree area need strong security more than anything else, and we have the commercial fences to meet your needs and goals. Our commercial fences are made of high-quality materials and are built to meet the codes and requirements of your town or city's commercial zones. Talk to our fence experts about types of fencing like chain link fences to aluminum fences and everything in between to find out what your best options are to improve your security, privacy, and even curb appeal.

Sebree Commercial Fencing

Fencing Types for Kentucky Property Owners

Choose from our most popular fencing styles for your Sebree home or business. Mr. Fence installs all kinds of fencing in many different colors, styles, and levels of strength. Aluminum fences, vinyl fences, chain link fences, and wood fences are the most common types of fences in the Kentucky area.

aluminum fence Sebree Kentucky

Sebree Kentucky Aluminum Fence

Most people in Sebree Kentucky choose to have an aluminum fence. It looks good, lasts long, and comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, so you can have the peace of mind that comes with an excellent fence.

Sebree Aluminum Fence
vinyl fence Sebree Kentucky

Sebree Kentucky Vinyl Fence

Try a style of vinyl fencing for your Sebree property if you want low-maintenance privacy fencing. We also have many beautiful open picket designs for the front yard.

Sebree Vinyl Fence
lchain link fence Sebree Kentucky

Sebree Kentucky Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is a good solution for almost any boundary need your Sebree property. Residents of Kentucky have been installing chain link fences for their homes and families for decades because they are economical and practical.

Sebree Chain Link Fence
wood fence Sebree Kentucky

Sebree Kentucky Wood Fence

When you want a strong border with a natural look, wood fencing is a beautiful choice. You could choose a traditional stockade or picket fence, or you could try something more modern, like a horizontal wood fence.

Sebree Wood Fence

Sebree Kentucky Privacy Fence Types

Your privacy is important, and a high quality wood or vinyl fence from Mr. Fence is the answer!

Sebree Kentucky wood privacy fencing

Sebree Kentucky Wood Privacy Fences

Many Sebree Kentucky property owners we meet love the traditional, natural styles that wood fences have to offer. When it comes to creating privacy, wood fences can be built in multiple ways to do the job! Choose a wood privacy fence that fits your height requirements and your perfect style and start enjoying the privacy in your yard right away!

Sebree Wood Privacy Fencing
Sebree Kentucky wood privacy fencing

Sebree Kentucky Vinyl Privacy Fences

For a lower maintenance option, choose vinyl privacy fencing for your residential space. Not only is it customizable, but vinyl will not warp, rot, or fade and is made of durable, flexible material that is known to last for many years. If you want to create privacy around your pool area, vinyl fencing is a great option!

Sebree Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Wood Fences in Sebree KY

Wood fences are a great option for Sebree properties because of its natural look and customizable styles that can help you achieve any look you please.

Our craftsmen are trained to provide a wide range of styles that work well for homes and businesses and can be made with full privacy styles or open pickets. Below is a partial list of the most popular fence styles chosen by your friends and neighbors across the greater Sebree area. Each of our wood fences can be built with pressure-treated pine wood or with cedar wood, just speak to our team to begin your design today!

Sebree KY Shadowbox style wood fence

Sebree Kentucky Shadowbox Style Wood Semi-Privacy Fences

Shadowbox wood fencing is an incredibly popular style due to its beautiful design that gives the same decorative look on both sides of the fence. The wood pickets are attached to the horizontal rails in a pattern that alternates sides and creates a nearly private border. This style works great when sharing a border fence with a neighbor.

Sebree KY stockade style wood fence

Sebree Kentucky Stockade Style Wood Privacy Fences

Stockade style wood fencing in Sebree is made with vertically attached pickets directly against each other which creates a fully private fence. The tops of stockade fences can be styled in multiple ways and keep your yard fully secluded from neighbors and street views.

Sebree KY cap and trim style wood fence

Sebree Kentucky Cap & Trim Style Wood Privacy Fences

When you want complete privacy, with a board-on-board style wood fence, you can choose to add a cap and trim to it to add decoration and also better protection from rot and warping of the pickets over time.

Sebree KY Spindle Top style wood fence

Sebree Kentucky Spindle Top Style Wood Privacy Fences

To obtain a look of decorative fencing with wood fences, choose to add a spindle top with an open top to your fully private fence. This enhances your border while creating a section that still allows for views at the top of your fence.

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No risk, no obligation fence quotes are a fingertip away with our free online fence estimator tool. If you own a property in the Sebree and are in need of a fence, check out this amazing feature to get the answers you need!

Sebree Kentucky Fence Installation Services

Whether you hire our professionals to do the job or you prefer to install your own fence by hand, we have the right solutions for your Sebree home or business.

Sebree Kentucky DIY Fence Installation

Hire our Fencing Professionals

Our experienced team of fence installers have the training and care needed for high quality fence installation that will ensure your fence is properly in place and as strong as possible. We provide installation for fence jobs of every size, for residential and commercial properties.

Do-It-Yourself Installations

If you would like to save the money of installation and take pride in installing your own fence, we are more than happy to help you with each step. We can show you all the materials you need and even deliver them right to your property. Find the fence you would like, and call our office to speak to one of our experts who can help you through the process of buying everything you need. We won't stop there! We will give you the instruction you need to succeed. Let us be your fence solution to get you just the right thing for your space and priorities.

Mr. Fence: Your Certified Fence Professionals

Work with the Pros Who Have Over 23 Years Experience in Fencing for Sebree Kentucky.

At Mr. Fence, we know a thing or two about fencing, and our customers love it! As members of the Better Business Bureau, American Fence Association and the Southwestern Indiana Builders Association, we get involved where it counts and make sure our company and every team member is trained at the highest level of standards possible in the industry.

For the last 23 years, we've worked to earn the reputation we have with our customers who provide great reviews time and time again of the work we've completed.

The fence products we install are top quality material, coming with warranties to match. We also offer a lifetime workmanship warranty guaranteeing the installation we do, so you can have peace of mind that the job was done right. Whether you want vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wood fence, chain link fence or even decking and other outdoor living solutions, reach out to our expert team today for answers and information to get you started on your new dream fence!

The Mr. Fence Difference in Sebree Kentucky Fence Installations

Buying a Fence Has Never Been Easier than 1-2-3

We have made it simple for people in Sebree to buy a fence. Since 2000, the Mr. Fence team has been putting up fences and is ready to help you. Shop our wide range of styles and types of fencing.

Call us and let's get started on building your fence together!

Buying a Sebree fence - Step 1

Our Fence Styles and Options

You can shop for both residential and business fences in Sebree Kentucky, and think about all of your options. We only sell high-quality fencing that can stand up to the weather and climate in Sebree KY.

You can also come see us at Mr. Fence in Sebree KY, or set up a meeting with us at your home. We will do everything we can to make the whole process of building your fence easy and stress-free.

Buying a Sebree fence - Step 2

The Best Fence for your Space

With help from Mr. Fence, you can choose the materials and grades for your fence and make changes to the design. We have a lot of great fencing options for you to choose from, based on your budget and how you want your fence to work.

Our expert fence consultants can help you choose a strong, long-lasting fence that fits your project's needs.

Buying a Sebree fence - Step 3

Choose DIY or Professional Installation

Putting up a fence in Sebree KY has never been easier, whether you want to do it yourself or use our many years of experience and let us do it for you. If you do decide to install it yourself, we are here to help you if you need it.

Use Our Fence Estimator Tool For Free

Homeowners and business owners in the Sebree area can utilize our free online estimator tool to discover the best fence to fit their budget and needs. You can, too! Get started by clicking the link and you'll have a quote in minutes.

Buying a Fence in Sebree Kentucky

Our Simple Process

One-stop shopping for your Sebree property fencing needs has never been easier with us. Since the year 2000, the Mr. Fence team has been installing fences, all across the region for residential and commercial properties. When you work with us, the options for fencing are almost endless. To get started, give us a call or use our online fence calculator tool for a free estimate.

Buying a fence step 1: Design Your Fence Online
Measure Your Property

To calculate how much fence material you'll need and where it'll go, take detailed measurements of your property.

Buying a fence step 2: Speak with Our Fence Expert
Select a Style

Decide on the kind and type of fence you want based on the features and advantages that will best suit your needs.

Buying a fence step 3: Installation
Delivery & Installation

Arrange for the delivery and installation of your fence materials with our crew at a time that is most convenient for you.

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Our main Mr. Fence location and storefront is in Evansville, Indiana, though you'll find many of our fences installed in areas all across Indiana as well as areas of Illinois and Kentucky. Give our team a call to find out what we can do for you.

Yes! Our company has been running fencing operations since the year 2000 and is an Kentucky fencing contractor that is fully licensed and insured. We make sure our team is safe, you are protected, and that the entire fence buying experience is a pleasant one from beginning to end.

Absolutely! Our team is experienced in all kinds of fencing and situations for property owners. We often help residents of Sebree and business owners design and decide between their favorite fences to get the perfect fit. Once you've seen the options we offer on our website, give us a call so we can get you on your way!

Every fence we install in Sebree and across the state of Kentucky comes with a workmanship warranty on our installation. We stand behind our team and our work! On top of that, each manufacturer we use offers specific warranties on their fences based on the type and style. Speak to our team for more information on the fence you're looking to buy.

Yes! In order to get the fastest fence quote at your easiest convenience, use our online fence estimator tool to plot out and compare types of fences you are considering. You can also give our office a call and speak to one of our friendly fence pros to get started on a quote tailored just for you!

The most popular fence for property owners in Sebree completely depends on the reason and use for each specific situation. For those looking for privacy, wood fences and vinyl fences are the most popular options. If looking for low maintenance, often vinyl fences and aluminum fences are chosen. The most important thing is getting the fence that fits your own unique design preferences and fencing needs. Our team is here to help you find the perfect solution!

Examples of Sebree Kentucky Fences

Here are a few examples of our favorite fences in Sebree Kentucky

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