Indiana Residential Fencing: A Buying Guide

When exploring the potential project of having Indiana residential fencing installed on your property, it helps to know what key factors to keep in mind. Finding the right fence that fits your unique needs, choosing the best material, deciding on gate placement, finding a reputable Indiana fence company, and making sure you’re getting a fair […]

Indiana Residential Fencing: 5 Ways to be a Good Fence Neighbor

When installing an Indiana privacy fence, or any type of new fence, you should always consider the effect it will have on your neighbors. Proper fence etiquette will help ensure that the experience is enjoyable for both of you. In this article, we’ll go over a few aspects of fence etiquette to think about before […]

How Many Gates Should My Indiana Residential Fence Have?

Along with choosing the fencing material, the location, and the design, you’ll want to put some thought into the gates that you’ll need for your brand-new fence. Gates are an important element of any new fence and deserve a bit of consideration. But the question of how many gates are needed is not that simple. […]

Indiana Privacy Fence Rules You Should Know

You may have heard the phrase, “good fences make good neighbors” and that line from Robert Frost’s poem, The Mending Wall, is certainly true. The meaning of that expression is easily understood: having a defined boundary between your house and your neighbor’s, and respecting that boundary, helps to keep the peace between you. But sometimes, […]

Privacy vs Semi-Privacy Fences: The Differences

You want to make your yard more secure and private, without completely blocking the outside view. There are plenty of options to do just that! Let’s discuss the differences between full privacy and semi-privacy vinyl fencing.  Semi-Privacy Vinyl Fencing Like the name suggests, semi-privacy fences offer significant privacy but don’t go as far as a […]

Privacy For You, Protection For Your Dog With an Indiana Vinyl Fence

The importance of a sturdy, solid vinyl fence is key when it comes to providing some privacy and seclusion for you, and equally as vital if you want to protect your furry best friend from harm. Choosing to install a vinyl dog fence, will provide the strength and durability you’ll need to ensure your beloved […]

5 Best Types of Indiana Privacy Fence You’ll Love!

Getting the perfect amount of privacy from your property fence is an important decision! Privacy fences in Indiana can be made from a variety of materials from vinyl to wood to chain link and even include a hybrid of aluminum with vinyl, all of which are available from Mr. Fence. There are benefits and drawbacks […]

More Reasons for Vinyl Privacy Fences in Indiana

Privacy is a perk many homeowners wish to create for their property as their children play and guests come over. For all the various reasons there can be to build a vinyl privacy fence, each one holds its own validity and purpose for property owners in the Evansville, Indiana area.  Having an Outdoor Pool with […]

9 Benefits of Indiana Vinyl Privacy Fences

For property owners in Evansville, Indiana, it’s a given that protecting loved ones and belongings as well as creating a beautiful, comfortable living or working space is top priority. A vinyl privacy fence is a terrific way to achieve this for security, aesthetics and a variety of other reasons. Even after you’ve decided on vinyl […]

Basic Facts about Chain Link Fences in Indiana

Chain link fencing is a flexible option that has shown to be effective for many properties in the Evansville, IN area. To cover some of the basic info, in this article, we will explore what you need to know as you consider chain link fencing for your Evansville, IN home or business. Myth: Chain Link […]

Mr Fence – Indiana, Fences, and Covid

As Indiana property owners enter the 18th+ month of Covid, the prospect of purchasing a new fence for your property may require a few minor “adjustments”.  While the fencing industry certainly hasn’t been impacted nearly to the level of some other industries, we have had our issues as well.  These “issues” may impact the pricing […]

The Best Fence Company Website Ever?

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new website!  Anyone who owns or manages a business knows what a monumental task it is to launch a new website that captures everything you want the world to know about your business.  We think we nailed it! … we hope you agree. The Top […]

Residential Fencing – What You Should Know

Residential Fencing in Evansville, Indiana There are so many benefits in adding a residential fence to your Evansville home. A common misconception about fencing is that it is purely for making your lawn or yard look nice. Truthfully, there are a multitude of great benefits of adding a residential fence to your yard or home. […]

Most Popular Vinyl Fences

Style-conscious Evansville homeowners know that curb appeal begins with the right fence. More and more, homeowners are turning toward vinyl fences to provide beauty, privacy and security to their home. Vinyl fences are less expensive, require less maintenance and last longer than just about any other fence building material.  Better still, they can also be […]

Improve Your Property Value with Beautiful Fencing

A properly fenced swimming pool is a safe, well-kept swimming pool. You’ve already invested time and money into making your pool and water features an integral part of your backyard landscape. Your investment should be protected by a fence that enhances the existing structures in your yard and keeps friends and family safe when your […]

Is a Wood Fence Right For Your Yard?

If you’re ready to install a new fence on your property, you’re probably wondering which material is best. While there are many options available, most homeowners choose wood. At Mr. Fence, we want to help our Evansville, Indiana clients make the right choice for their needs. So, with that in mind, we’re going to go […]

Vinyl Fence is a Great Choice: Maintenance-Free and Affordable

Residents and business owners throughout Indiana have found, when installing a fence around your home or place of business, vinyl fencing is one of the easiest choices to make. Add security, privacy, and curb appeal to your property all at once! Vinyl fencing is very low maintenance and it is every bit as durable as […]

Vinyl Fencing Will Keep Your Family Safe and Sound

There’s no easier way to give yourself peace of mind than installing vinyl fencing around your home. It’s one of the strongest, most affordable materials to keep your family safe. Vinyl fences are the most popular choice for homeowners and families in Evansville, Indiana! Vinyl Fences are Fire Resistant and Non Toxic Vinyl fencing is […]

Attractive Vinyl Fencing Styles to Accentuate Your Property

Your new vinyl fencing project is not just about safety, security, and privacy. You deserve a beautiful fence that really compliments your yard. Beautify your space with just the right style of vinyl fencing! Vinyl Fencing is Beautiful, Strong, and It Lasts Forever If you’re looking to install an attractive, low maintenance fence, you should […]